Christoph Bangert and Chiho Kitajima are traveling in a Land Rover overland from Germany to South Africa and back.

This latest journey Christoph Bangert’s second long overland trip. In 2002 he was traveling with the same Land Rover from Buenos Aires to New York resulting in a book titled Travel Notes. For more information about the book click here. beste online casino

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  1. niklas

    Good luck to you and Chiho!
    Drive safely, enjoy this continent and don´t let us wait too long for news and photos.


  2. Walter

    Just finished your book travel notes. Now I will follow
    your blog :). Have a good trip. Looking forward to the next


  3. Seb

    Good journey to you both,

    I hope to see some more news and some pictures soon.
    Will be visiting you here more often.

    Take care,

  4. Mischa

    Hallo Christoph!

    Just found your blog – what a thing!
    In the book there is written of your plans of visiting Africa. Now the time has come und I’m excited to hear and see about.

    Have a safe, enjoyable trip – all the best.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

  5. "Siggi"

    And, you’re off! Ditto all previous sentiments written above. Please, too, be ever mindful – as I know you already are – that these are real people and lives you are aiming your attentions at. Rather then “be the camera”, have the camera become you. After all, this is a road trip, not anthropology, and you will be scant afford a second chance if people confuse “you” for the “objective”. Now, isn’t photojournalism fun? Yeah, right. Play nice with the other children.

    Ziggy immer zu!

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