Some pictures from our German wedding.

Pictures by: Jens Lumm, Dr. V. Bangert, Dominik Scheid, Chiho Bangert und Karl Johaentges.

Please click on “read more” below in order to see them all. If you want to see the images in a slideshow you can then click on one of the pictures. The slideshow can be controlled with the “next” and “prev” buttons on the upper right and left side of each image.

One thought on “Germany

  1. Rui.H

    Dear Christoph

    Congratulations of your marriage. A bit late congratulation givings though, I enjoyed those pictures of Chiho-sang and you.
    All started from ICP and I am very moved and honored that once had a connection with Chiho-san in that circumstance. Meeting in NY and went through many experiences and issues will make you both strong enough to go along.
    Hope someday, somewhere we could meet again.
    Please say hello to your wife. Beautiful.

    All my best.

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