Africa Dispatch: Happy New Year from Congo

Congo cell: +242-7621576
Thuraya Sat phone: +88216-51071135

I wish all of you a Happy New Year.

I am in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo.
Check it out on the map: (you can zoom in)
2007 was an exceptionally good year for Chiho and me. We published two photo books and traveled together all over West Africa with our Land Rover. I took part in the World Press Joop Swart Masterclass, gave a public lecture at the International Center of Photography, had an exhibition and book launch with the Iraq book in New York and had the opportunity to work in Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria.
Also on a personal level the past year has been adventurous.
On a beautiful, remote beach in Ghana I asked Chiho to marry me. She said yes.
2008 will be marked by some more traveling in Africa as well as work in the Middle East and elsewhere. And a wedding or two.
For the moment I am traveling alone, but Chiho will join me again in Namibia. We decided to attempt a return back to Europe by road via East Africa after we have reached Capetown. This part of the journey will take us through 14 African nations, the Middle East, Turkey, Eastern Europe and finally back to Germany. We hope that our beloved Land Rover will keep going as it has always done in the past. However, the success of our expedition is extremely uncertain. Horrendous roads, an accident, a technical brake down, an illness or ants eating all our Japanese Ramen noodles can end our great journey at any given time. We will keep you informed.
Best wishes for 2008.

Christoph Bangert
currently in Congo (Brazzaville)
cell Congo: +242-7621576

4 thoughts on “Africa Dispatch: Happy New Year from Congo

  1. kruysifix

    Hello Afrika, I just spoke to my friend Mathijs Slee whick also is in Congo now. He told me that he and Ab are driving together woth you now. I am thinking of flying to Capa town or Johannesburg to join Mathijs and Ab. They asked me to and I very much like that offer. It’s just not easy with work etc.
    I have been in africa before with Mathijs. We went to West-Africa in the beginning of 2006. I really hope I can fly over.
    Have a lot of fun and say hi to Mathijs and Ab.

    Benjamin Kruysifix

  2. Christoph Post author

    Hi Giampiero,

    Please click on the “Map” button on the right upper corner of this page. There you will find a google map with my current position.


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