7 thoughts on “Ghana

  1. Jens

    I got it. The video works now.

    “I admit it’s getting better – A little better all the time”

    All the best to both of you. Take care.

  2. Annette

    Hi you too, awesome video as always! I don’t even want to know how you got the shots from outside/next to the car??!! Chris, please don’t make Chiho do anything crazy…just kidding. Stay save,

  3. Bill

    Fantastic video, the music goes so well with the images … just wanna be there.
    How about a sequence taken from between the front wheels of the moving car for the next one :-)
    Keep ‘em coming !!!

  4. Caroline

    wir haben gestern in der Fh über dich gesprochen, als unser großes Vorbild und als Motivation zum durchhalten des Studiums.
    Herr Clemens konnte nicht verstehen das wir alle nicht weg waren in den Semesterferien und nur gearbeitet haben.
    Habt ihr denn kein Fernweh? das schon, aber kein Geld, Herr Clemens : )
    Immoment müssen wir also noch auf deine Abenteuer zurück greifen, aber bald….
    Grüße aus dem weit entferten Ruhrgebiet

    P.S tolle Bilder

  5. Chris

    Could you please discuss a bit – in a general sense, at least – what camera(s) you are using and maybe a bit about the technical aspects of your work? I am awed by your Iraq (and current) work and I’m sure lots of people would be interested in the “how” of photographic work like yours.

  6. David

    Hey Chiho and Christoph,

    Loved the video and pics. Great music selection. Might I suggest the Grateful Dead next time. Just kidding. Be safe but have fun.

    Take care,


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